Syllabus & Instructions

Syllabus & Instructions

Credit Hours:  4

Prerequisites: Computer Programming(1) – CS 240

Course Text Books:
” DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHMS IN C++”, By Adam Drozdek, third edition.

Major Topics To Be Covered:

  • Basic Concept, How to create Programs, Algorithm, Data Type, Specification vs. Implementation
  • Abstract data types
  • Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues
  • Algorithm Analysis Fundamentals
  • Linked Lists Performance Analysis
  • Stacks
  • Queues
  • Selection Sort, Insertion Sort, Quick Sort, Merge Sort
  • Linear Search, Binary Search, Hash Search , Searching
  • Trees, Binary Trees, Binary Search Trees, AVL Trees, B-Trees
  • Heaps, Heaps as a priority Queues, Organization Arrays as heaps

Class Instructions:

  • You have to pay attention in the class and do not distract others with conversation or with your phone.
  • If you attend late to the class for more than 10 minutes, you will be absent in it.
  • No late submission for homework, if you will do that you will get zero.
  • All parties involved in cheating will be prosecuted no matter who copied from whom. It is your duty to keep your homework/quiz/test secure.
  • Be sure about that when you miss any quiz during the semester, you will not have another opportunities to take it again (it means zero).
  • In midterm exams, if illness prevents you from coming, get a note from a hospital. If you suffer a family tragedy, then provide some documentation for the event.
  • Makeup exams of the first and second midterm exams will be in the same day in last week of the semester

Course Plan:

Week        Date                       Topic                                                    Hours          Note

2                 2/Feb             ADT-Pointers-Function-classes            3

3                 9/Feb            classes+Algorithm analysis                    3

4                 16/Feb         Linked List                                                  3

5                23/Feb           Stack                                                            3

6               2/Mar             Queues                                                         3

7                9/Mar             Sort                                                              3

8              16/Mar            Sort+Search (part1)                                   3

9           23/Mar               MID TERM BREAK

10       30/Mar                 Search (part2)                                   3      Mid1/Tuesday

11        6/April                 Tree                                                                 3

12         13/April              Tree                                                                 3

13      20/April              Tree+ Heaps                                                    3        Mid2

14     27/April               Heaps+Graph                                                    3

15    4/May                    Graph                                                                   3

16     11/Mat                Practical Exams

17     18/May                Final Exams

18     25/May                Final Exams

19      1/June                  Final Exams

20     8/June                 SUMMER BREAK


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